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Finally, Some happy Facts! Nowadays, we are surrounded by fake news. This is why we've decided to dig in and bring you only valid facts. Finally.

About Us
Just another Sherlock Holmes Lookalik. BTW, we don't smoke. Smoking is bad for you.

Have you seen Sacha Baron Cohen's last speech at the ADL convention 2019? If you've watched it, you already know that social media ain't the best place you should be looking for facts (unless you currently have our FB page running on one of your tabs), and if you haven't watched it already (come on, it went kinda viral), just keep on reading and we'll add the video later on this page.

So, who are we? Finally Facts was built by a bunch of self-proclaimed writers who inspire to bring joy to your life. We know for a fact, that people tend to focus on the things that make them happy and this is our mission: Bring you all the facts about the things you love: from Sports through entertainment, fashion, beauty, and travel ‐ you name it ‐ and oh, we've got some facts for you!

About Us
If you'll look carefully you'll be able to read some really small letters :)

Finally Facts is a part of Finally Media Ltd, a publishing house that believes a good story can inspire the reader, and whenever a great story brightens up your day, you will keep on reading it. We are constantly looking for talented writers and contributors to join our team, so if you too, want to report some good news, feel free to drop us a line, or even a few at info@finallymediagroup.com

In fact, this is a known fact that interesting facts can, in fact, improve your life. Having said that, we have gathered four completely false facts and one real fact only for you, our dear valued reader, who actually read this page. Try to guess what's real and what's not.

Here are four false facts about Finally Facts:

  • Our Editor-In-chief once considered being the tallest man on earth. After some exploration, he found out that this fact is only valid if he stands next to Tyrion Lannister.
  • A rare bird named the Chupa-Kuku can be found at the far edge of the Amazonas, where it inhabits and sings the opening theme song from the series "Shaft". After seeing this bird on a safari trip to Central America, one of our writers had changed his name to Chupa.
  • If you say the word: "Beetlejuice" 27 times in a row, Tim Berton will appear and ask for your forgiveness (He should. We've seen Sweeny Todd). This fact is not directly related to Finally Facts, but we can tell you that we do love movies and still has a sweet spot for Berton's past films.
  • Rick&Morty is loosely based on the characters of Doctor Emmet Brown and Marty Mcfly from the movie "Back to the Future" ‐ This is Actually real, but the false fact is that the "Twin Pines Mall" from the movie is where our offices are located ‐ Somewhere in a distant place above time and dimensions.
About Us
Go get some!

Also, as promised: here is the SBC speech from the 2019 ADL:

We are here for you,

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