Biggest health trends for 2020

Every year, especially when we make our New Year's resolutions, we make the same promise: this year, I'll be healthier, stronger, better. Though all happen to remind us of a Britney or Kanye song ‐ and sound like fiction too, sometimes, it's actually possible. Using advanced Tech, a helpful friend to encourage us, or sheer will power ‐ we can all be healthier, and these new upcoming trends can help ‐ along with a great motivating Britney Jam.

Sitting ‐ It's bad.

Stop me if you've heard this before ‐ sitting is bad. Yes, that's right, the age-old statement is making a big comeback (no pun intended), and the war against comfort and ease has begun again. With different apps, devices, and alerts we can set on our phones, we can track our movement, which is a great tool. Not just steps ‐ but all kinds of movements. If we slouch our backs, we sleep funny and pull a muscle, and even how we breathe can all contribute to our health. So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

Agriculture ‐ Closer is better.

Another trend that has been in fashion since the beginning of hipsters is eating locally, which thankfully is getting more and more popular ‐ even in rural places that don't have the convenience of organic-based stores that try to be as local as possible. With the help of a larger and larger group of independent farming houses and donors who want to see this trend become routine, there are increasing options dedicated to bringing plant and meat-based products right to your door. Though it might still be a bit of trouble trying to find it, and still more expensive than Trader Joe's, experts in the field say it's only a matter of time until we all enjoy the benefits of close-to-home products, bringing up closer to optimal health.

Mindfulness ‐ What's happening?

Going all the way back to Buddhist traditions and Tibetan meditation techniques, mindfulness is a word thrown around without necessarily explaining the thought process behind the process. Sure, it's about being aware. Where you are, what you're doing, these are all important ‐ as we tend to focus on the opposite ‐ the past or the future, in a way that is detrimental to our present. We forget to focus on moments, and instead think "big," something we were taught is a good thing. But not all thinking should be based on planning or regretting. We sometimes forget that in the present moment we are feeling, experiencing, and we have a lot to consider in this very moment.

How does your breath feel right now? Are you ignoring something important that's nagging you? With mindfulness, you can relieve stress, anxiety, and even ‐ using professionals and practitioners ‐ deal with addiction and depression. Give it some thought. Right now.

Sleep ‐ It's not just a dream…

The benefits of sleep are both physical and mental, and we all know what they are. The mind expels thoughts and worries that we experienced throughout the day and allows us to use our subconscious in a productive way (which, in layman terms, stops us from going bonkers). Our body is a miraculous machine that heals itself overnight. One of the most common phrases, which exists in most cultures is, "you'll feel better in the morning." The reason being, we usually do, as our bodies and mind rest, recover, and show us how lucky we are to be so well equipped. Not only has sleep Tech become much more popular, from apps to wearable devices that track our breathing, snoring, and movement ‐ the importance of tracking these elements of ourselves has grown in popularity too, and that's a great thing. Sleep on it.

Pills begone ‐ Smell that Lavender.

In an age where we can buy medication, any medication at the drop of a hat, with the doctor prescribing some pill before we even complain about what we're suffering from, there's been a resurgence of homeopathic remedies, and general plant-based medicinal applications on the skin, inhaling with humidifiers and drinking. Not to mention, the importance of probiotics is also growing, proving the importance and relevance of those little magic pros creating balance in our gut, which leads to balance in our brains as well.

The origin of this trend is the vastness of information, which allows us all to become more aware and more active with our health choices. We can look up different plants, herbs (it's not just for witchcraft anymore), and which probiotic supplement can help us with different issues such as bladder and UTIs, IBS, stress and anxiety, and so much more. Sleep and insomnia problems? There's a plant for that.