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Travel Destinations Made Popular By Movies & TV

Some destinations have always been popular among travelers and film sets, like Paris and New York. But others have been put on the map specifically because of popular movies and TV shows. Die-hard fans will travel to these spots to feel like they're on set or to see the views they loved so much on-screen in person. Will you add one of these spots to your bucket list?

Worthy Novels to Read This Fall

The publishing industry awoke, and many new books are scheduled to come out this year. Here are some great novels for you to read this fall.

9 Actors You Never Knew Released Albums

It turns out there are quite a few actors who decided to try their luck in the music industry. Most of them didn't find as much success as they did on screen, but you may be in for a pleasant surprise when you hear their vocals.

Ronaldo Reveals his daily workout and meals routine and the Internet is Losing its Mind

When it comes to athletes, no one is quite like football star Cristiano Ronaldo. He's had a long and successful career in football, with many people thinking the 34-year-old will soon call it quits from the field. But, as we discovered, Ronaldo is far from over. Spanish newspaper Diario AS reported the star underwent a medical exam that found Ronaldo having, “the physical capacity of a 20-year-old player.” Did we mention he was 34-years-old?

15 strange Foods People Really Ate In 18th Century America

Though we've grown up loving Mac ‘n' Cheese, and hamburgers, back in 18th century America, those delicious dishes didn't exist. Colonial-era food was much for complex as it derived from British culinary cuisine. We've evolved and many of these dishes aren't served anymore. Just like fashion, food trends change, and in this case, it's a good thing. Here are some of the dishes that were common during the Colonial era.