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How To Nail Transitional Fashion This Fall

It's about wearing pieces that make you feel good and that you'll want to wear for as long as possible. This fall, we're coveting the following items.

Game night? Here are Best Dishes to Eat with your Friends

A dinner menu isn't exactly fit with the game night vibes since sitting in a table while eating filling food can make your guests opt to laze around and talk all night. A casual, laid-back party is all about relaxing and letting loose, which can be attained by easy yet tasty dishes that players can load on to their plate and enjoy with their hands.

Ronaldo Reveals his daily workout and meals routine and the Internet is Losing its Mind

When it comes to athletes, no one is quite like football star Cristiano Ronaldo. He's had a long and successful career in football, with many people thinking the 34-year-old will soon call it quits from the field. But, as we discovered, Ronaldo is far from over. Spanish newspaper Diario AS reported the star underwent a medical exam that found Ronaldo having, “the physical capacity of a 20-year-old player.” Did we mention he was 34-years-old?

6 Stylish Hoodie Outfits For Your Post-Lockdown Wardrobe

We're sharing some unexpected ways to wear them that you'll be dying to try out post-lockdown, and some that you can even start wearing now if you want to shake things up!

15 Best Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so it's time you started looking around for the perfect gift for your mom. She brought you into this world, the least you can do is show thanks for everything she's done, right? That means you need to find her the perfect gift, and we think we know what she'll like for Mother's Day this year.