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International Pizza: Different Takes From Around The World

Who doesn't love pizza? It's a winning combination of soft dough, crispy crust, flavorful sauce, delicious cheese, and all your favorite toppings. From the classic Neapolitan to massive New York slices, there's a type of pizza out there for everyone. Which is your favorite?

Foods That Can Be Mood Enhancers

When we're feeling down, we usually opt for a glazed donut or a cheesy pizza, but those aren't the foods that will make us feel better. So, which foods will actually improve your mood?

The Real Facts Behind Pizza

Made on a flat stone, cooked over an open flame inside an oven, and topped off with different kinds of cheese, meats, or veggies — there are just so many ways to make this beloved dish. And no matter how you serve the slices up, it is bound to come away delicious. As ubiquitous as pizza is, just how well do you know this Italian entree?

The Weird History Behind Coffee Will Make You Think About The Origin Of Your Favorite Drink

Ah, who doesn't love a warm cup of Joe in the morning? It's safe to say most of us are coffee lovers. Yet, do you know the history behind this delicious beverage? If not, it's about time you learned how coffee came to be. You'll be surprised to know it's actually thousands of years old.

40 strange Foods People Really Ate In 18th Century America

Though we've grown up loving Mac 'n' Cheese, and hamburgers, back in 18th century America, those delicious dishes didn't exist. Colonial-era food was much for complex as it derived from British culinary cuisine. Here are some of the strangest foods that were common during the Colonial era.