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Apparently, You can grow your salad on Mars

If you thought your grandma's garden had the best vegetables, maybe you need to check out the leafy greens NASA is growing in space. That's right, they're growing vegetables on Mars. But how are they doing it?

5 Anticipated PlayStation Games That are About to be Released During 2020

2020 has got a lot of gamers buzzing for what's to come to the PS4 console. Plenty of games are worth your time and resources, but here are the five that are going to make you run to the nearest game shop.

Tesla overtakes Toyota to become world's most valuable carmaker

When it comes to cars, there's one company that has certainly created a stir: Tesla.

The New Game Gear Is Smaller than You Think

What better way for Sega to celebrate their 60th birthday if not by coming out with another retro console? Only this time, it's the tiniest console on the market. Think more micro than mini. Game Gear Micro was revealed on June 3rd, and instead of a Sega Saturn Mini, the company decided to take a completely different turn and create the ridiculously small Game Gear Mirco.

These Next Gadgets Are Pure Genius

With the technology currently available to us and the boundless creativity our minds have, there is no shortage of useful and intriguing gadgets available