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Travel Destinations Made Popular By Movies & TV

Some destinations have always been popular among travelers and film sets, like Paris and New York. But others have been put on the map specifically because of popular movies and TV shows. Die-hard fans will travel to these spots to feel like they're on set or to see the views they loved so much on-screen in person. Will you add one of these spots to your bucket list?

The Facts Behind Earth's Ozone Hole

Is there a bigger hole in the Ozone layer? Unfortunately, yes.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs

some are more beautiful than others. Below we're sharing the hot springs that are considered the most beautiful in the world!

The US Has Four Doomsday Planes That The Government Doesn’t Like To Talk About

When it comes to Doomsday, it's not something most people think about. At least not until recently. In 2019, the doomsday clock that's controlled by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) changed the hands at 2 minutes to midnight – it's the closest it's ever been to Doomsday since 1953. And in 1953, that was when the U.S. and the Soviet Union detonated the first hydrogen bomb. Yeah, scary.

5 Most Beautiful Scenery Roads in the World

Roads are often taken for granted but they shouldn't be. Some roads extend out over the ocean, some are winding up to the green landscapes of a mountain, while some are historically significant. Here are some of the beautiful scenic roads in the world.