The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs

What's more relaxing than taking a soak in a hot tub? Taking a soak in a natural hot spring while being surrounded by nature. There's something extraordinary about stripping down to your swimsuit and sitting in one of nature's hot tubs, especially when it's cold out.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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Natural hot springs can be found all over the world, but some are more beautiful than others. Below we're sharing the hot springs that are considered the most beautiful in the world!

Pamukkale, Turkey.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site translates to 'cotton castle.' These hot springs can be found on tiered layers (aka travertines) of white limestone that offer visitors stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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The hot spring water is azure blue. The travertines they fall on resemble something out of a fairy tale, making their Turkish name very fitting. Pamukkale is located in Hierapolis's ancient spa town, where you can still see ancient ruins today. You can also visit Cleopatra's pool in the city, which is a gift to the queen from Marc Anthony. The pool is humanmade but is still heated from geothermal sources and has 'champagne waters.'

Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

This Scandinavian island is small, but it packs a lot of punch when it comes to nature. Iceland is well-renowned for its impressive fjords, valleys, volcanoes, black sand beaches, and lake-sized hot springs.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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The Blue Lagoon is the country's most famous hot spring and is considered one of the world's modern wonders. You can take a soak or a full-on swim in the icy blue waters while enjoying a view of Iceland's mountains. If you take a dip at night, you may be lucky enough to see the northern lights as well!

Ma'in Hot Springs, Jordan.

Hot springs and a waterfall in a desert oasis? Talk about a visual treat! The Ma'in Hot Springs is indeed a feast for the eyes and a treat for the body.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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Like Pamukkale, these springs have been written about since ancient times; it's said that King Herod once bathed in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. Today the hot springs are surrounded by a luxury spa resort, so you can get the ultimate pampering session if you visit.

Saturnia Hot Springs, Italy.

These are perhaps the wildest hot springs on the list where you can take a dip. Situated in Tuscany's hills, the Saturnia Hot Springs is entirely in nature besides the small restaurant and gift shop.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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The lightly steaming, aquamarine-colored water cascades down a small hill of travertine pools. And if that didn't sound amazing enough, they're free to visit and swim in! Make sure you have your GPS coordinates sorted, as there's also a spa and golf resort with the same name in the local village of Saturnia.

Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand.

This is considered the world's largest hot springs, with a width of 200 meters and a maximum of 20 meters depth. Located in the Waimangu volcanic valley, Frying Pan Lake's often steaming surface is a sight to see.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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But while it may appear idyllic, nestled between the valley's tree-topped hills, taking a dip isn't recommended. Frying Pan Lake was named for its dangerously hot temperatures, usually ranging from 50 to 60 degrees celsius. It does make for an excellent hiking destination, though!

Prismatic Spring, USA.

Located in Wyoming's world-famous Yellowstone National Park (also home to the Old Faithful geyser), Prismatic Spring is named for its stunning prism of colors.

The World's 6 Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs
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It generally has a blue and green center and is surrounded by a red and orange ring. Still, the colors vary from season to season, making every visit unique. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed due to extremely high temperatures (up to 71 degrees celsius!) and dangerous depths (60 meters). Luckily, Yellowstone is a big park with a lot to offer and has a few other swimming areas available.