These Facts about Kanye West are mind-blowing

Kanye West, one of the most recognized icons in pop culture, the man known as Yeezy, has transcended the music industry to become one of the most outspoken and influential people in the world. A living, breathing epitome of the modern-day celebrity, Kanye often lives life like it was one huge concert, doing so alongside his equally famous and controversial wife, Kim Kardashian. Here are five crazy things that you might didn't knew about the musical savant.

These Facts about Kanye West are mind-blowing

Kanye Almost Got Sued by Famous Stuntman Evel Knievel

After watching the music video for Kanye's song "Touch the Sky," famous stunt performer and entertainer Even Knievel tried to sue the rapper for the illegal use of his image and likeness. In the said video, Kanye puts on the persona of "Evel Kanyevel," which much upset the beloved stuntman. All's well that ends well, though, as the two entertainers came to an amicable settlement after meeting face to face. Knievel became a fan of Kanye, describing the latter as "wonderful" and a "gentleman."

These Facts about Kanye West are mind-blowing

Kanye Left the Country and Settled in Hawaii

Kanye has had his fair share of infamous moments. Still, his most egregious one might be his interruption of world-famous and well-loved country and pop singer Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2009. The incident caused so much backlash to Kanye that fellow rapper Mos Def recommended that he leave the country for a while to get his mind right. Surprisingly, Kanye heeded the advice, traveling all around the globe before settling in the island paradise of Hawaii, a place that eventually helped the artist give birth to his masterpiece of an album entitled "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

These Facts about Kanye West are mind-blowing

3) Kanye's Fondness for Fish

While some rappers may fancy luxurious cars or pieces of jewelry, Kanye is unlike most rappers, proof of which is what he spent his first big payday on after the success of his 2004 album called "College Dropout." Kanye bought a massive and insanely-expensive aquarium from the 18th century that included a large cherub fountain that sat atop a marble foundation. Inside the aquarium was 30 koi fish.

These Facts about Kanye West are mind-blowing
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4) Food Delivery Men Helped Make Kanye's Most Famous Album

As mentioned above, Kanye's fifth album entitled "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" was a by-product of the rapper's public troubles that led him to a self-imposed exile on the island of Hawaii. And while the songs released from the album were a result of Kanye's musical genius, he also got plenty of help from unlikely sources — food deliverymen. Whenever those guys came over to deliver him food, he would invite them inside and have them listen to some of the tracks while asking them for their opinion.

5) He Had an Academy Award-Winning Director Play the Drums for Him

Little did Academy Award-winning French director Michel Gondry know that a surprise visit to the music studio of Kanye would lead to him getting credit for playing the drums on the song "Diamonds From Sierra Leone." That would not be the last time the two innovators would work together as the director would go on to direct the music video for Kanye's track called "Heard ‘Em Say."

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